We have equipment for kitesurfing, snowkiting, kite boards, & accessories for both beginners and advanced surfers.

We sell Duotone, Ozone and Peter Lynn.

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    Buy SUP of the highest quality from Unifiber. Inflatable SUPs that are suitable for beginners to advanced. Our SUPs can be used for excursions, yoga, exercise, exploration, play and lots more. Iwind can also be supplemented with a mast and your SUP will be a windboard.

  • Wetsuits

    Wetsuit Thickness Guide

    A wetsuit’s thickness is based on the measurement of the internal foam core. In general, the thicker the foam core, the warmer the suit. On the flip side, the thinner the foam core, the more lightweight and flexible the suit. Water temperature is the main factor in determining the right wetsuit thickness for you.

    See wetsuit guide here

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Gambit V2


Introducing the next generation PLKB Gambit V2 - the ultimate all-around kite for every rider. This kite has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a better, more responsive flying experience with a range of new features and improvements.