Icelantic is the reason we started selling skis! 

After a ride on a pair of Maidens, we felt that more people should have the opportunity to enjoy these beauties.

Icelantic is "Return to nature" and that's really how you feel when you ride a pair of Icelantic skis.

Icelantic was founded in Evergreen, Colorado by Ben Anderson. Ben's passion for skiing led him to start making skis in his parents' garage. Word of his new skis spread around town like wildfire and Ben began recruiting a number of friends to help him build his vision into reality. All Icelantic skis are handmade skis and 100% from Colorado.

Models in Icelantic are Nomad, Maiden, Saba, Nia pro, Mystic, Natural, Riveter, Pioneer


There are rental skis Nomad and Maiden in Östersund and, upon pre-booking, also the Blåsjönsfjällanläggig.

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