H2Osport.se is a lifestyle webshop with passion for water. Located i Jämtland Sweden

H2osport.se started and run by Malin Jönsson who loves everything with water. Started on a small dream and develops every day.

We have sold to more than 20 countries and it is not just the passion for sports and products that drives us forward. Because on the page you will only find products we use ourselves. But web design and contact with customers is also a big carrot in the whole thing.

We would like to help you as a customer to practice your water sport, so feel free to call or email! Is happy to produce packages or a product that is not in the web shop.

If you want to meet Malin who is the owner live, I am in Stora Blåsjön in Northern Jämtland. Here I sit in Sportboden in Blåsjönsfjällanläggning always when the lift is open but also outside the lift's times.

If you want to come to Stora Blåsjön on holiday, we help with activities such as kite courses or scooters. In the summer, we have guided walks and cooperation with Frostviken Adventure.

Always looking for teamriders. Interested pls mail info@h2osport.se 

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Active Industry Group Sweden AB 559079-7097
Stora Blåsjön 952
83399 Stora Blåsjön 
+46 739 49 09 48