Faction skies

Faction Collective is a manufacturer of backcountry skis, poles and ski-related products, based in Verbier, Switzerland.

Faction manufactures high-quality skis that are progressive in their construction as well as in their use in freeride, freestyle and all-mountain skiing. Some of the best athletes in the world inform the Faction product journey.

Faction's industry-leading skis are designed and tested on the formidable mountain faces of the Swiss Alps, as always, but that their hardgoods team is now led from Innsbruck, Austria, bringing to life the industry's gold standard in handcrafted precision ski manufacturing. When you buy Faction, you buy quality with a performance guarantee. Faction's skis are fit for purpose and built to last.

Faction's greatest strength lies in the people who work tirelessly to design and deliver the best experience for Faction's fans. Faction is led by visionaries who are motivated to change the face of skiing. Whether it's the world-class engineers making new discoveries or the esteemed athletes reshaping Faction's perception of sport - or Candide Thovex bending reality - Faction aims to ignite the next generation of skiers.

In Faction's range you will find models such as Dancer (old dictator), Mana (new), Prodigy, Agent, La Machine and Outcast

Read more about the skis at https://factionskis.com/

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Prodigy 3

kr6,490.00 -30% kr4,543.00

Factions mål med Prodigy 3 var att skapa en extremt hållbar skida som alla kan ha kul med i vilka förhållanden som helst.

Faction Mana 3.0

kr7,490.00 -20% kr5,992.00

Ny för i år! Prestanda, precision, lekfullhet – Mana 3 med 112 mm midja balanserar utan ansträngning dessa element, vilket gör den till den freestyle-inspirerade quiver-dödaren för dina allmountain- och backsidebehov.

Faction Agent 2.0

kr7,290.00 -20% kr5,832.00

Whether you're after fresh powder or springtime couloirs, the Faction 2122 Agent 2.0 is a progressive all-mountain flat-tail ski and your go-to when escaping the day-to-day.