Freeride skis

Off-piste skiing is for you who are looking for off-piste skiing and want to swim in powder. It is the slightly wider ski that almost floats on top of the loose snow. They are 110 cm upwards. Turning radius of 20 meters and up. The skis have full or flat rocker.

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Faction Mana 3.0

kr5,992.00 -10% kr5,392.80

Ny för i år! Prestanda, precision, lekfullhet – Mana 3 med 112 mm midja balanserar utan ansträngning dessa element, vilket gör den till den freestyle-inspirerade quiver-dödaren för dina allmountain- och backsidebehov.

Icelantic Nia pro 105

kr5,992.00 -10% kr5,392.80

The Nia Pro was designed alongside the Saba Pro—Unlike other pro models out there, our Saba + Nia have been designed as part of collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world.