Freeride skis

Off-piste skiing is for you who are looking for off-piste skiing and want to swim in powder. It is the slightly wider ski that almost floats on top of the loose snow. They are 110 cm upwards. Turning radius of 20 meters and up. The skis have full or flat rocker.

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kr8,590.00 -30% kr6,013.00

Havoc’s 100 Carbon lightweight construction combined with 4×4 design concept delivers incredible maneuverability while the unique combination of triax fiberglass, full carbon layup, carbon/aramid fibers and durable engineered wood core embraces high performance and just the right amount of 3D flex.

Prodigy 3

kr6,490.00 -30% kr4,543.00

Factions mål med Prodigy 3 var att skapa en extremt hållbar skida som alla kan ha kul med i vilka förhållanden som helst.

Ripstick 96 black edition

kr6,995.00 -30% kr4,896.50

A perennial favorite of magazine testers and professional skiers alike and known for its stable, powerful feel, the new Ripstick 96 Black Edition is ready to over-deliver on their promise to skiers looking for the ultimate, all-condition freeride ski.

Faction Mana 3.0

kr7,490.00 -20% kr5,992.00

Ny för i år! Prestanda, precision, lekfullhet – Mana 3 med 112 mm midja balanserar utan ansträngning dessa element, vilket gör den till den freestyle-inspirerade quiver-dödaren för dina allmountain- och backsidebehov.